How It Works

The process for the Web Design Project List is simple: connect the right web design company to website owners needing work on their website. It is that simple.

Posting Projects:

  1. A web design firm needs a project completed for their website, but they have trouble finding the right firm, so they post a project for free on the project post page or in any of the columns along the project pages.
  2. Our moderator team receives the project and reviews it.
  3. If the project is approved, we post it immediately for web designers to bid on it.
  4. If it gets rejected, we notify the poster to let them know what needs to be fixed.
  5. Web designers submit their bids including their email address.
  6. We send the information to the website owner to contain the web design firm for more information.

Bidding on Projects:

  1. Web designers view our list of projects submitted by company representatives needing work done on their websites.
  2. The bid gets submitted to the website owners for their review.
  3. The company representative may contact the web designer for more information and the process keeps going until a web designer is selected or the company representative requests that the project be taken down.